Center of History and Cultural Anthropology
Institute for African Studies of The Russian Academy of Sciences
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Research Activities

The Center of History and Cultural Anthropology is conducting a number of projects:

"African Students in Soviet Union and Russia: Career Development and Mobility After Graduating" (curator Ekaterina B. Demintseva)
The study focuses on the career and course of life of African students, who had graduated in 1960-1990 from the universities in the Soviet Union and later in Russia at the end of the century. The objective is to examine how the education received in the Soviet Union and Russia influenced their career, whether it was welcomed in other countries (for many of these students live in Europe and America as well as in their native African countries), and how they estimate its role in their lives. This is a joint project: with the help of the French colleagues it is planned to take interviews with alumni and to create a network for those of them who live in Europe and Africa.

"Africa: Processes of Socio-Cultural Transformation" (curators Dmitri M. Bondarenko and Ekaterina B. Demintseva)
The study examines socio-cultural processes in African countries in early 21st century: possibilities and limitations of the modernization, cultural and religious factors of development, analysis of situation in the selected countries.

Modern Times Racism: Ideas and Practices. (Research Group D.Bondarenko, E.Demintseva, V.Usacheva)
Nowadays the problem of racism has worldwide character, but different regions and countries face to this problem in different ways.
Modern racism appears in the new form with prevailing of cultural aspects (distinguishes), and deviates from “classic” racist theories based on “biological inequality” of races.
Classic definition of “racism” was used for justification of social inequality and even was institutionalized (as it took place in the USA in the first part of the XXth century or in the apartheid South Africa), while modern racism is more elaborated and camouflaged, but as in the former times, continues to appeal to physical features of peoples or even groups for describing and explanation of social, political and economic conflicts in the modern world.
Researches of all over the world try and find new ways and methods to analyze the racists attitudes and practices; introduce new concepts for explanation the racism problem in historical dimension as well in new manifestation.
Main goal of research project is to resent the racism problem as one of the top issue of scientist’s studies.
It is planned to prepare a number of articles and a joint monograph, based on theoretical reviews and results of our field researches in Russia, Africa and Europe.

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