Center of History and Cultural Anthropology
Institute for African Studies of The Russian Academy of Sciences
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Research Activities

The Center of History and Cultural Anthropology is conducting a number of projects:

In 2019, the initial work on the topic “The Development of African Countries and Peoples in a Cultural-Historical Context” (2019–2021).
Leaders: Corr. member of RAS, Doctor of History, Professor Bondarenko D.M., Ph.D. Gribanova V.V.

The scientific project is devoted to the study of the cultural and historical aspects of the development of African countries and peoples from the viewpoint of modern scientific knowledge. In particular, such issues as relations between Russia / USSR and North African countries in the XVIII – XX centuries, African diasporas outside the African continent (USA, India, New World countries), groups and practices of mutual assistance and self-organization of African countries, history and modern development of certain groups of African society, the socio-political development of Southern Africa, the development of mass media in Africa and globalization.

Recent Monographic Publications of the Center and Its Researchers:
In English:
• Bondarenko D.M. African Americans and American Africans: Migration, Histories, Race and Identities. Canon Pyon: Sean Kingston Publishing, 2019. 160 P.
• Bondarenko D.M. The Axial Ages of World History: Lessons for the 21st Century. Litchfield Park, AZ: Emergent Publications, 2014. (with K. Baskin).
• Bondarenko D.M., Kavykin O.I. (eds.). Fifth International Conference “Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations”. Abstracts. Moscow, 2009.
• Shubin V.G. ANC: A View from Moscow. Mayibuye Books (2nd revised edition). Johannesburg, 2008.
• Shubin V.G. The Hot ‘Cold War’. Soviet Union and Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa. London - Durban, 2008.
• Bondarenko D.M. Homoarchy: A Principle of Culture’s Organization. The 13th – 19th Centuries Benin Kingdom as a Non-State Supercomplex Society. Moscow, 2006.

In Russian:
• Khokholkova N.E. Afrocentrism in the USA: Theory and Practice of Sociocultural Transformations. Moscow, 2019.
• Gribanova V.V. Schooling and Politics. From the history of the Creation and Reformation of the School System in the Countries of East and South Africa. Moscow. 2018. (with I.V. Ponomarev).
• Anthropology of Africa: New Objects of Research. Ed. by O.I. Kavykin. Moscow. 2018.
• Ethnic Identity in Contemporary Africa. Ed. by T.V. Evgenyeva. Moscow. 2017.
• Bondarenko D.M. The Shades of Black: Cultural-Anthropological Aspects of Mutual Perceptions and Relations between African Americans and African Migrants in the U.S.A. Moscow. 2016.
• Tatarovskaya I.G. Myths of Nations of Sub-Saharan and South Africa: The Frame of Social and Spiritual Life of African Society. Moscow. 2016.
• Banshchikova A.A. Crucial Periods in Ancient Egyptian Historical Tradition and Consciousness. Moscow. 2015.
• Shubin V.V. The Fates of Zimbabwe. Moscow. 2015.
• Education in Africa. Ed. by N.A. Zherlitsyna. Moscow. 2013.
• Banshchikova A.A. Female Images in Ancient Egyptian Fiction. Moscow, 2008.
• Gribanova V.V. Three Centuries of Education Development in South Africa. Moscow, 2008.
• Kavykin O.I. Neo-pagans’ Identity in Contemporary Russia (Rodnovery. Samoidentifikatsja neojazychnikov v sovremennoj Rossii). Moscow. 2007.
• Evgenyeva T.V. (ed.). Political Psychology. A Reader. Moscow, 2007.
• Bondarenko D.M., A.V. Korotayev, L.E. Grinin, N.N. Kradin (eds.). Early State, Its Alternatives and Analogs. Volgograd, 2006.
• Zherlitsyna N.A. From the History of Russian-Tunisian Relations in 1780-1917. Archaeval Documents and Contemporary Evidence. Moscow, 2005.