Center of History and Cultural Anthropology
Institute for African Studies of The Russian Academy of Sciences
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  • Ph.D., D.Sc., Full Professor, Center Curator
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    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 9890-2414
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    Researcher ID: P-3372-2015
      Socio-Cultural transformations theory; political anthropology;
      preindustrial societies;
      contemporary problems of intercultural interaction (ethno-racial and religious aspects);
      migrations and diasporas;
      cultures and history of Africa south of the Sahara
  • D.Sc., Professor, Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), University of the Western Cape (South Africa).
    RSCI AuthorID: 484042
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 2456-7153
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    Researcher ID: T-2509-2017
      The recent history of Southern African countries.
      Relations of the USSR/Russia and other leading world nations with African states.
      Politics and practice of the international social democracy.
  • Deputy Director, Ph.D. (Hist.), Researcher Fellow
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    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 7742-5520
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    Researcher ID: A-5835-2017
      History of Tunisia;
      Russian-Tunisian relations in the 18th-20th centuries
  • Ph.D., Center Chair
    RSCI AuthorID: 303133
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 4841-0622
      Modern and contemporary history of South Africa;
      Education and Southern Africa's cultures
  • Ph.D., Senior Researcher Fellow
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    Researcher ID: E-6671-2018
      women in Ancient Egypt;
      cultural anthropology of Ancient Egypt;
      perception of Ancient Egypt in medieval Arab sources;
      historical memory of the slave trade and colonialism in modern Tanzania;
      German colonial legacy in modern Tanzania;
      Tanganyika’ colonial photography and postcards;
      history of Bagamoyo.
  • Ph.D., Senior Researcher Fellow
    RSCI AuthorID: 755636
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 6037-8310
      Cultures and mythologies of the Congo Basin peoples;
      African folklore
  • Ph.D., Senior Researcher Fellow
    RSCI AuthorID: 458088
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 6401-8079
    Researcher ID: AGN-8698-2022
      Media studies;
      Relations between mass media, state and society;
      informational globalization; multicultural societies;
      xenophobia, tolerance/intolerance attitudes in mass media;
      cross-cultural communication;
      image of Africa and Africans: mass media and mass culture aspects.
  • Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
    RSCI AuthorID: 741118
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 2569-3655
    ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5165-1925
    Scopus ID: 57193257052
    Researcher ID: ABE-6953-2020
      Intellectual history of Africa and African Diasporas;
      History of Afrocentric movement;
      Cultural identity and historical memory;
      Decolonial and postcolonial studies.
  • M.A., Junior Researcher Fellow
    RSCI AuthorID: 751985
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 9233-8119
    Scopus ID: 57216353195
    Researcher ID: M-3016-2018
      Sub-Saharan Africa;
      urban anthropology;
      mutual help groups;
      informal settlements;
      ethnic identity;
      ethnocultural processes in Tanzania;
      slave trade;
      historical memory.
  • Junior Researcher Fellow
    RSCI AuthorID: 1009645
    SPIN (РИНЦ ID): 1866-3797
    Scopus ID: 57217164677
      History of Christianity in Tanzania
      Muslim-Christian relations in Zanzibar
      Interconfessional relations in modern Tanzania
      Historical memory of the slave trade in modern Tanzania