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20 November 2018 «Kimbundu language in Angola and outside»

On 20 November 2018 Ph.D. of Biological Sciences Evina Elena Igorevna presented a report «Kimbundu language in Angola and outside» in the framework of scientific seminar «Culture and Society» of the Center of History and Cultural Anthropology, together with the Center for Southern Africa Studies. Cristobao A. Bragança, international law and management lecturer at the University of Angola in Luanda, former employee of the Angolan embassy in the Russian Federation, took part in the seminar. The speaker told about the current linguistic situation in Angola, the rising tide of interest in the Kimbundu language, one of the national Angolan languages. Cristobao A. Bragança provided historical background on the languages of Angola and the significance of the Portuguese and national languages in the education system and in the daily life of the country.